this missionary can burp loud

I rarely drink soda. But I had a really strong craving for Coke a few days ago. Now, when I say Coke, I don't mean soda like some people I know. (A-hem.) When I say Coke, I mean Coke. Anyway, a few of the interns were drinking soda and, since I was desperate for Coke, I asked around to see if anyone had some I could take a sip of. Nope. They were all drinking diet. Blech. But that's another rant for another day.

I finally went and poured myself a glass of Coke. Two sips in, I was flooded with a memory and I realized why I'd been craving it so much.

Last year we brought the interns to the same place for debriefing. One night while we were here, we started talking about my propensity to burp loudly and how the interns hadn't yet heard this talent of mine. Laura, one of the interns, was notorious for her loud burps, so we challenged each other to a burp-off. We chugged some Coke in the hopes that it would spur on some amazing gas, and we sat around being unruly and goofy. But burps never came. So we drank more Coke. And more Coke. And more Coke. But we couldn't burp. I think there was just too much pressure for us to burp on-demand.

Even without burps, that crazy night was so fun. And drinking Coke in the same rented house in the same beautiful town along the southern coast of Africa brought it all back.

I love how sights, smells, and even tastes connect me to so many wonderful memories. Tell us about something that's connected to a sight, sound, or taste for you...