I'm Alece. 

I'm just a Long Island girl who's passionate about grace, authenticity, and good red wine. I talk with my hands, dance in the car, and laugh really loudly. 

I moved to South Africa when I was 19. (People have called that brave; I think it was a cocktail of faith, foolishness, and naiveté. But I digress...) I pioneered and led a nonprofit there for 13 years. The bests and worsts of my life happened on that beautiful continent, and Africa will hold my heart forever.

I now call Nashville home — and am fairly convinced that living in Africa prepared this Yankee to live in the South. I work with nonprofits, and I'm the founder/curator of One Word 365 and the owner of Rest Easy Nashville

I'm an extroverted introvert who lives with more questions than answers. I hate choosing favorites, am on a lifelong search for the perfect whiskey sour, and blog occasionally but candidly about searching for significance amidst the question marks of life and faith.


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