where i've been...no, really

Amazingly enough, I spent the past week on an exotic island. A friend treated us to an incredible vacation in Madagascar. We stayed at a fantastic resort on the beautiful island of Sainte-Marie. The water was (seemingly) 19 shades of blue; it was absolutely gorgeous. I read 4 books, and even polished one off (start to finish) in a day -- I can't remember the last time I had the chance to do that! I swam in a wonderfully warm pool, got a few shades tanner, and ate a croissant every morning.

I also got to use my French. Not swear words, silly... the language. French is what they speak in Madagascar. You didn't know I was fluent? You should hear me say "seven," "deviation," and "croissant" with my impeccable French accent.

I do wish I'd watched this before I'd gone... You know, to brush up on my vocabulary.

I'm off again for another week. This time for safari -- in search of lion, leopard, and elephant. (You should hear me say "elephant" with my pseudo-French...)

Au revoir!