where i've been

"Why haven't you been blogging?" you wonder. Well, for starters, thanks for asking. For enders, here's a list of possible reasons, excuses, and justifications for my prolonged blogging absence. Take your pick and cast your vote in the comments. A - I've been knee-deep in decorating my house for Christmas. Snowmen galore are everywhere.

B - I was sunbathing on an exotic island. Just picture palm trees and cold frothy beverages...

C - Niel and I hiked to the top of Mount Everest (the one on our property, not the one in Nepal), which of course necessitated that we spend several days recovering.

D - I spent the week on my couch, engaging in a movie marathon. 7 days, 19 films.

E - Remember when the roof blew off our house? Niel and I spent the week reading "Thatching for Dummies" and then repaired it ourselves.

F - Publisher's Clearinghouse called; we won a million dollars and immediately left for a shopping spree around the world.

G - I kept a close eye on my parrot, Starbucks, keenly observing his fecal matter since he's had the runs for weeks. (I'm happy to report, he's on the mend.)

H - None of the above. Insert your own reason here: _____________