I got caught in a downpour a few days ago. It was nothing like the last downpour I wrote about. This was of the extremely-wet variety.

We spent the last week on safari at two different game lodges. Each one was very unique, and very nice. We had a really good time, in spite of the 5 AM wake-up calls each morning. The animal sightings were definitely worth it.

We really wanted to see some cats, and we weren't disappointed. We saw five cheetahs walking together, as well as a lot of lions (including a tiny cub). We briefly saw a leopard as it ran across the road and into the bush next to us on a night drive. Very cool.

The last evening, on our final game drive, the sky started to grow ominously dark. The clouds were rolling in, gray and thick; it was quite evident that it was going to pour. And sure enough, it did.

It came down hard. And in an open safari truck, things got a bit interesting. Thankfully they supplied us with awesome ponchos which kept us warm and mostly covered. But we still got pretty wet -- my face was dripping!

It made for an interesting -- and memorable -- end to our safari! Good times.