start again

I haven't not blogged for this long since before I started blogging. Five years ago. It's partially freeing and partially frightening. It's comfortable... which is why I think it scares me.

It suddenly feels like hard work to enter back into a blogging groove. I feel all this pressure -- that I know is only self-imposed -- but still... I feel this pressure to write something of value, consistently. And until I know I can pull that off, I shouldn't bother starting up again.

But I realized today that I will never feel like I consistently have something worth saying. Because, to be honest, I've never felt that way. And I certainly didn't when I started. I just kind of... began.

Sometimes it takes more courage for me to start again than to start at all.

So this is me, taking courage. This is me, starting again.

Without promise or pressure... Just me.

Just like I've only ever done.