eyes wide open

I'm living life with my eyes wide open this year.

Okay, if I'm being most honest---I'm trying to.


Other times, it just feels too hard. Because I don't like what I see. Because it leaves me with more questions than answers. Because it's blurry and I crave clarity.

But sometimes... I get it right.

I force myself to look closely, and I see unexpected glimpses of His grace.

I see Him in the mail I open, filled with love from miles away. He shows up in hot frothy beverages, snow-capped mountains, a solid night of sleep. I spot Him in the soft, cozy blanket that keeps me company on a sick day. I catch His smile in the faces of my friends and in the music that makes me dance without even thinking about it.

He is here.

I see Him.

And He shows Himself to me so uniquely, so perfectly, so just-for-me, that I know... He sees me.

He sees me.

He. Sees. Me.

That puts a whole new perspective on my looking. It shifts my heart from seeking a God who is far-off to looking for Him in the most personal details of my life. It reminds me that He cares about my small things.

So today... Today I am definitely living with my eyes wide open.

I want to see the One who sees me.


Where have you unexpectedly seen Him lately?