going dark

It's 5:28 AM, so I know this isn't gonna be my best work. (Let's be honest. It could be 5:28 PM and I still know it wouldn't be my best work. But, as always, that's another post for another day...) My heart feels wonder-y and wander-y. But it's probably best I keep this short and sweet. (Like me. Heh.)

I'm going off the grid.


Disappearing for a little while.

I hope to gain a little clarity for the deep, muddy waters of my heart. I hope I trade some of my fear in on some more faith. I hope I come back crying less and laughing more. I hope I learn more of what it means to love well and be loved. I hope I find strength in becoming more dependent on Him.

I hope I return with something worth saying. A compelling passion to say it. And a clearer voice to say it with.

I'm going dark.

In search of some Light.