four-minute friday: spider-webbing

four-minute friday 2Go. This is how my brain works. I call it spider-webbing:

I bought a pumpkin spice candle today for my room. Because it smells like autumn, my favorite season.

I've always said my beloved chai tastes like autumn in a cup. Mmmm...

While fall is my favorite official season, my favorite unofficial one is from the launch of Starbucks' red cups of happiness until Christmas. Mmhmmm. I just mentioned Christmas on my blog. And it's only September.

I used to love buying school supplies. I've been fighting the urge to buy a pack of really good pens, but maybe I should since I lost one of my favorites this week. It rolled out of reach under a couch occupied by people talking about country music.

I'm heading to Nashville next week. For the first time ever. ('Cause layovers don't count.) And I'm all chuckles because it was my childhood dream to live there. Why? I wanted to live near Amy Grant.

I haven't listened to Amy Grant in years.

I just removed Michael W. Smith from my iPod. Sorry all you still-adoring fans. I just couldn't do it anymore.

A friend video'd herself singing a worship song she wrote, and sent it to me. A few others sent me video messages this week as well. Did you know you could do that with that handy talk to me link up there? You can. I think you should.

I'm actually thinking of maybe making a video for an upcoming Four-Minute Friday. Waddayathink? What would you want me to ramble about for four whole minutes here on the Grit?!

Anyone out there know someone who might want to build a customized blog for this missionary? I figure it doesn't hurt to ask.

Speaking of dustbunnies... Oh dangit! Out of time.