God's heavy hand

I can't get Psalm 32 out of my head. Or maybe it's my heart that it's stuck in. It speaks of the overwhelming relief I experience when I finally throw myself at the foot of the cross and seek God's forgiveness. It describes so well God's heavy hand that weighs on me until I reach that breaking point of surrender, and the freedom that awaits me on the other side.

It describes a place I want to always be quick to come to. Always.

And it's a place someone I love needs to get to.

I've been praying, begging, for God's hand to be so heavy that he breaks under the weight of it. For God's kindness to be so overwhelming, he can't help but run to it. For the Lord's unfailing love to take him captive. Until all he can do is fall on his knees in repentance, and let God's forgiveness roll over him like a sweet summer rain.

Because I know the freedom that awaits him on the other side...