stormy thoughts

It's been raining for days. So tonight's storm is nothing new. But for some reason it totally made me homesick for Africa. It started with me thinking about how extremely different this exact same storm would sound if I were in my house. My home has a tin roof and no insulation. That makes for some ridiculously loud rain. So between that and the claps of thunder and the wild lightning, this would've been one helluva storm in Africa. (Can I say helluva?! Hmmm... I'm leavin' it...)

I miss the sound of rain on my roof.

I miss my kitchen with all her wonderful gadgets.

I miss my Big Easy, the most comfortable corner of my house.

I miss my African Grey parrot, Starbucks, and his comforting way of making everything right in my world with his "Hello, beautiful."

I miss my mountains. And zebras. And star-filled skies.

I miss my staff family.

I miss my Hope House kids.

I miss watching my vision and passion become reality every single day.

I miss my Africa...

And I'm grateful for this rain.