late night scribblings

Penned in my journal on my night in Naples---

: :

I played at a park today with little Alece. She had me running and tagging and laughing until I was fully out of breath. Catching a glimpse of her smiling face as she went down the slide, I was struck again by an overwhelming thought.

Here in Italy is a four-year-old Alece. Back in South Africa is a four-month-old Alece. And there's even a seven-year old Ayrton Alece in Iowa and a twelve-year-old Arianna Alece in Florida.

Four young girls, peppered around the planet, all given my name. I can't keep my eyes from welling up at that thought. The honor of it. And at the same time, the responsibility of it.

I want to live a life worth naming a child after.