twenty-two: overflow mugs

I have a kitchen cabinet at home that is stocked with Starbucks travel mugs. Stocked.

too many starbucks travel mugs

And that picture was taken after I'd already weeded out twenty-two mugs to give away.

overflow of travel mugs

And yet, still, when I walk into a Starbucks I can't help but look at their selection of merchandise. I can't help but get travel-mug-envy when I see the newest, latest, greatest models for sale. I can't help but make an occasional purchase. As if I need yet another travel mug.

What do you collect---intentionally or unintentionally?

eleven: o'clock dreams

Our flight from South Africa was long and eventful, and we were so glad to touch down on American soil when we finally landed in Washington, DC yesterday morning.

As we went through customs, there were signs that read "Welcome to the United States" and a monotone voice declared the same greeting over the PA system. But nothing made me feel like I was home as when we walked through the final set of doors into the terminal and I saw St. Arbucks.


My venti non-fat, extra-hot chai in a glorious red cup of happiness was worth every penny.

We settled in at the house, ate some food, and called it an early night.