pay it forward

I've never been one for Black Friday shopping. Just thinking about all the crowds and chaos makes me feel an anxiety attack coming on. No thank you! But I love me some internet shopping. Cause I can do that without ever leaving my bed house. Mmhmmm.

Here are some ways you can support Thrive Africa and your online shopping habit---not just on Black Friday but every day:

Buy a Thrive Shirt.

thrive shirts

Shop Amazon From Here.

amazonYou can donate without actually donating by clicking on this link before making purchases. Thrive gets a small referral fee when you buy anything from Amazon after you follow the link.

Donate a Portion of Your eBay Sales.

ebayDo you sell things on eBay? You can donate 10%-100% of the final sale price to Thrive, for any item you sell. Learn more about setting up your next listing to donate to us.

Who says you have to live in Africa to make a difference in Africa?

twenty-nine: gifts

29-giftsHere's a thought: God's a giver.

We're called to be like Him.

That means we need to be givers.

29Gifts challenges us to give away twenty-nine things in twenty-nine days. The gifts can be anything to anyone. They don't need to cost you money, but they do need to cost you some heart.

Consider taking the challenge to intentionally give something away for twenty-nine days. I'd love to hear if you do it, and what sorts of things you choose to give.

I'm glad God gave me Himself. And I'm glad God gave me you.