i'll be here for a while still

I'm still thinking about Easter. Shocking, I know, since all the Easter candy in Target has probably already been replaced with Fourth of July crap decorations. But what can I say? My heart is still there.

My heart is stuck in the empty tomb that isn't really empty.

It's filled with hope.


Undeserved freedom.

Scandalous grace.

I'm sticking around here because my heart aches to really, truly believe.

All the way down in my toes, I want to believe that what seems like the end isn't really the end.

When it's over, lost, gone, broken beyond repair... that's when things have really just begun.

The best isn't behind me but ahead of me. The glory of what's to come far outweighs the glory of what was. Life after death is so much more extraordinary than life before it.

Wholeness comes from brokenness.

Beauty is birthed in ashes.

Strength is made perfect in weakness.

So bring on your summer plastic wear and star-spangled centerpieces. You know where to find me if you need me.

I'll be chillin' in that empty-yet-abundantly-full tomb.