character vs. calling

Our character needs to be strong enough to uphold our calling. I don't care how charismatic your personality is, how big your ministry might be, or how many people read your blog. If underneath it all is a heart that lacks integrity, at some point, it will all come tumbling down.

I've seen it happen.

Godly anointing and passionate vision simply cannot withstand the crumbling-sandcastle effect of faulty character.

We can only build as high as our foundation runs deep.

Which means I need to focus more on building my character than on clarifying my calling.

I can get extremely tunnel-visioned in seeking God about my future and my next steps. I forget that I've already been told the big-picture plan He has for me:

I am called to be more like Christ.

And that's more about the character of my heart than the direction of my path.

Being more like Christ means I must decrease and allow Him to increase in me. That is the ultimate in character-building.

It means being intentional to love deeply, forgive fully, and serve wholeheartedly.

It means watching what I say, walking in humility, remaining joyful.

It means actively trusting Jesus and applying God's Word to my life.

It means cultivating the fruit of the Spirit---All of them. Even patience.

Developing character is a whole lot harder than developing a five-year plan.

Then why do I put less thought and effort into it than I do into figuring out what my next meal's gonna be?


Something's gotta give.

And I think that something is me.