morning prayer

I love reading Psalms because I absolutely love how David poured out his heart before God. He wasn't ashamed or afraid to vent how he was feeling, even when much of it would be considered sacrilegious. David prayed filterlessly. (Yes, I just made up a word.) I filter my prayers all-too-often.

As I was reading in Psalms last night, I paused when I came to a simple 8-word prayer that David prayed. I read it over and over, and then prayed it for myself.

Say to my soul, "I am your salvation."

My soul needs to hear that and believe it.

What would happen if my soul truly hears and believes that? I am strengthened. I have hope. I am not alone (and I know it). I feel loved, unconditionally. There is light in my tomorrow. I have a hand to hold. I have peace. I even have joy. I am amazed.

So God... Again this morning, say to my soul, "I am your salvation." I will listen and believe.