inside scoop

It seems like I've been working forever on our new ministry website. Thankfully, I haven't been working alone. Over a year ago, our stellar creative guy started working on the design, and simply never stopped. With the new site having way more depth (meaning way more pages) than our old one, there was a lot of new copy to be written. Thankfully, in June I got some help in that department. I suddenly had a department when I discovered that one of our interns (now a dear friend) is a phenomenal writer, and I recruited her to help me write for various projects, the largest being the website. She wrote the first-draft copy for the entire site.

Hundreds and hundreds of man hours later, we finally went live with the new site on New Year's Day. Dave and Becca, thanks for making us look so good.

I love our new look. The whole feel and vibe of the site definitely seems more... us. And one of the biggest changes is the interactive ministry blog, which I'll be writing for a few times a week. Please, please, please drop by to read and comment. (Yes, I've resorted to begging...)

We aren't announcing the new site until the end of the month. In the meantime, please check it out and let me know if you find anything that should be fixed... like typos, spelling errors, or the like. And definitely let me know what you think.

Don't you feel special for getting the inside scoop?