help us to give

Eighty-year-old Nadine asked quite a few questions after Niel and I shared about Thrive Africa at a small gathering of people in a friend's home. When the Q&A time wrapped up, someone asked if they could pray over us. Absolutely yes is always our answer. (We need all the prayers we can get!) As people prayed, my heart felt strengthened by their pleas for our health and strength, for increased wisdom and favor, for many more to be impacted through our ministry.

And then Nadine started to pray. She was crying so hard, it was difficult for her to stay composed. Her words were broken, separated by sniffles and sobs. But her short prayer was so powerful.

"Lord... thank You... that we can... be a part... of this. Help us... to give."

I couldn't help but smile as my eyes welled with tears. This sweet woman's prayer was for help to give. To get involved. To be a part.

Later, as she stuffed $40 into my hand, amid more tears, she told me, "I wish I could do more." She shared that her recent ailments have stopped her ability to engage in ministry and service like she used to; she was starting to feel useless, purposeless. "But now I know what I can do. I can give. And it's just like going."

Nadine's got it exactly right.