four-minute friday: cereal

Go. I really enjoy a good bowl of cereal. And I eat a lot of it, but usually not for breakfast. It's my favorite after-dinner, late-night snack. If I'm still up at 2 AM, cereal's what I'm heading to the kitchen for.

Sometimes it seems like the perfect comfort food. Some people go for ice cream or chocolate, or even mac-n-cheese. Cereal does the trick for me. Don't underestimate the healing, soothing power of All Bran Honey Nut Crunch.

The only downside of my cereal-eatage is that I devour it ridiculously fast. In general, I'm a way-too-fast eater as it is. But I have an overwhelming need to eat cereal at an ungodly fast pace. I cannot stand when it gets soggy, so I tend to eat it as fast as I possibly can.

I just had a bowl of cereal-yumminess for lunch. And as I sat here trying to think of what to four-minute-friday about, I figured it was as good a time as ever to come out of the closet about my fast-paced love for eating cereal.