flotsam and jetsam

I was reminded of a beautiful passage in Isaiah in which God says, "I will also hold you by the hand..." I decided to look for His hand in mine this week. And I was strengthened by all the His-hand-in-mine moments I discovered along the way.

  • This week was full of heart-connecting conversations with our interns. Humbling and strengthening all at the same time.
  • Thursday mornings are so good for me; my missions class is the highlight of my week. This week we spent over 30 minutes digging into the rich truths of Micah 6:8. 30 minutes on one verse, with ferocious note-taking and lively discussion---it was fantastic.
    • Someone I've never met emailed and said, "Keep on writing...you're a very good writer."
    • A friend asked me to send her some prayer requests so she can continue being a "rope holder" for me. Months ago she'd written and reminded me of how Paul's life was saved because some people helped him escape danger by lowering him in a basket through a wall. The people who held the ropes to let him down to safety made a huge difference in Paul's life and ministry. My friend offered to "hold the rope" for me by standing with me in prayer for personal needs. Her email this week reiterating that meant a lot to me.
    • I received a package in the mail from a friend. It had two flavors of Vitamin Water for me to try out (and it's the best thing I've found for masking the disgusting taste of my uncoated penicillin tablets!), cookies, and a webcam. Mostly, though, it was filled with love.
    • One of our previous interns sent me an email about how impactful last year was, and how much my input transformed her life. I read it over and over so that the words would soak into my heart.
    • I've enjoyed the myriad of feedback, suggestions, advice, and encouragement about cutting my hair. If you haven't voiced your opinion yet, please do!
    • I am oddly comforted by the fact that my loved ones back in the States moved an hour closer to me yesterday.

    Look for the unexpected ways God's hand is in yours this week.