'cereal killers' is more like it

Some of my friends were a little concerned when they heard I was driving five hours away to spend a weekend with friends I'd never met before. I know it sounded a little crazy, but while I was nervous, I never felt afraid. Not once did the thought cross my mind that Mandy or Cathi might turn out to be a serial killer or a crazed maniac. One concerned friend made me laugh with his constant questioning and goading on the subject. Dave's* biggest worry was "What if she turns out to be a he?" He emphasized certain parts of their names, so they became MAN-dy and Cath-HE.

Another friend requested that I send her Mandy's address and phone number, so that if I disappeared, she'd know where to send the search party. After I emailed it to her, Amy* replied: "I'm sure MAN-dy won't chop you up into little pieces and try covering it up... but if she were a little psycho, she'd have hell to pay :)"

That still makes me laugh!

So what do you think? What fears, concerns, and doubts would you have about meeting someone from the blogosphere? Were we utterly crazy???

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.