blind spots

He's one of our friends. A great guy. A man of God. An incredibly smart businessman. A passionate heart for the Lord. Full of wisdom.

Except when it comes to one specific area of his life. It is frightening to me that someone who is so wise in so many areas can continue to make foolish mistakes in one specific area.

He's stepping into his fourth marriage to a woman that is just like the previous three. I shake my head. My heart fills with a holy frustration to see him continue to fall for this same pitfall time and time again. My heart grieves for his grown children who are being dragged through yet another marriage relationship and who have been so personally affected by the women who have come in and out of their lives.

He has a blind spot. An area of his life that is painfully obvious to others but completely unseen by him. Over the years, Niel has had some difficult, but necessary, conversations with him about it. But he still doesn't see. Or doesn't want to see.

We all have blind spots: areas of our lives that we don't even realize are in error. I pray that my closest friends will adamantly point out to me any blind spots I have that are separating me from God in some way, hurting myself or others, or are distracting my focus from what God has called me to do.

In case you were waiting for one, that's an open invitation to speak into my life.