blankets of fog and prayers

When we pulled out of the gate at 7:30 this morning, the road was blanketed in a thick fog. I was following Niel, but could barely see him driving in front of me. When we turned from the dirt road onto the two-lane "tar road", the fog thickened even more.

My eyes widened and my breath seemed to get stuck in my throat when I suddenly saw a pickup truck coming right towards me. The pickup driver was stupidly attempting to pass a truck (even though he couldn't see more than 30 feet in front of him), and ended up barreling towards me in my lane. The truck he was passing was immediately next to him, so he couldn't move back into his lane. And with no shoulder next to the road, I had nowhere to go either.

As I slammed on the brakes, all I remember thinking was, "Jesus!" My mouth didn't open. I didn't even make a sound.

Mere feet away from a head-on collision, the pickup swerved onto the grass on the side of the road and flew right past me.

My first thought after "Thank you, Lord!" was "Someone must have been praying."

Thank you for every prayer you pray on our behalf...