fauxhawk for funds

I've been home for about four hours. (Does anyone even still check my blog!?) So far I've...

  • cleaned out and restocked my fridge (after a quick stop at the grocery store)
  • made cappuccinos (we miss Italy!)
  • weeded through my work emails (all I did was delete trash)
  • transferred PayPal donations (praise God for His provision)
  • scribbled a few "I'm home!" emails (if you didn't get one... I'm home!)
  • gasped when I saw 767 posts in my Google Reader (uhhh, that's gonna take a while), and ...
  • checked out what the interns have been up to on Facebook.

There's lots swirling in my head about our trip, but I'm saving my thoughts till I have more time to write a real blog post. (Or three. Or seven.)

In the meanwhile, if you've got three minutes to spare, check this out. Niel placed a challenge before our interns just days before we left for our vacation:

If they can raise $2,000 for the ministry, they can cut his hair however they want---and he'll keep it that way for their entire debriefing trip!

Wanna get in on the action? You can see the interns' progress, make a donation, and share a suggestion for Niel's haircut right here. And of course you'll see pictures of my husbter's new do on haircut day!

I'm off to unpack!

PS -- I've missed you guys!

awol in october

Today brings with it the start of a new month. It's also the beginning of a season of ever-changing scenery for Niel and I. We'll be traveling quite a bit, and my online time will be scarce if not non-existent. When I do get a chance to blog, I know I'll have much to share. During the month of October, I'll be...

  • ...celebrating ten years of ministry with our staff team at a nearby lake resort. Ten whole years?! I still can't believe it.

I am blessed!