superbowl monday

I've known the outcome of every Superbowl in recent history before I even watched the game. I don't have ESP or even a magic eight ball. I've just been forced to watch it the day after for as long as I can remember. And even when I try avoiding Facebook or news websites, I inevitably hear who won before I even get to watch. Good thing I can keep a secret.

With the time difference, the game airs in the middle of the night in Africa. So we record it and watch it the next day with our staff team. Superbowl Monday has become one of our family traditions.

(Sadly, all the commercials are replaced with ridiculously tacky ones. So I miss the best part of the game.)

This year I was thrilled that I'd get to watch the Superbowl here in America, commercials and all. But then I discovered that the stuff I had going on over the weekend meant I was going to miss it. Again.

So just like old times, I taped it and watched it tonight. Pizza, beer, game, Arizona losing, and millions wasted spent on thirty-second commercial time slots... What more could I want for my annual Superbowl Monday?

What was the funniest/craziest/weirdest/saddest part of your Superbowl?