STORY: Imagine Nation

Those of you who've been around for a year (or more) know that I'm a huge fan of of Ben Arment and the STORY conference.

I had the amazing opportunity to be at last year's event, and I got so much rich goodness from it. Unfortunately I can't be there this year, but I would love to see you go.

That way I can live vicariously through you.

And get copies of all your notes.


STORY is a conference for creatives, fueling the Church's artists, writers, and producers to communicate the Gospel message in the most compelling way.

I absolutely love the theme for this year: IMAGINE NATION.

In Exodus 36, the artists of Israel came together to build a dwelling place for the presence of God. The job of these artists was to envision God and His throne room, and use their gifts to create a masterpiece that would heighten people's spiritual imaginations.

An Imagine Nation.

Such powerful imagery for what we are called to do as His people.

The STORY conference is going to be in Chicago on September 15 - 16th.

If you're a writer, filmmaker, artist, performer, entrepreneur, communicator, or any other type of creative, you need to be there.

Join a tribe of creative artists to learn more about your craft, story-telling, and imagination.

I want to introduce you to one of the story-tellers at STORY this year: Naima Lett.

Naima is an actor, producer, writer, and minister who has appeared in several major motion pictures. She is on a mission to inspire, equip, and propel fellow artists to find their purpose and follow their dreams without losing their faith.

We asked Naima a few questions to give us a sneak peek into her heart and her imagination...

: : :

What is your best personal definition of a STORY? I love Robert McKee’s definition of story: “Good story means something worth telling that the world wants to hear.” I just finished my first book, and this quote is ever before me.

What is one way you have found to grow or engage your imagination? I journal daily. I write. I dream. When I have the time, to give my imagination a boost, I go meditate at the beach. The magnificence of God’s creation frees me to be creative.

In your experience what is the best nontraditional form of STORY-telling you have seen, heard, or experienced? Nontraditional? Hmmm… Alvin Ailey’s Revelations is pretty incredible, in terms of ‘nontraditional’ storytelling. When I first experienced Revelations as a child, I was transformed by story through movement. Even now, when I see it, I want to leap and run. My soul dances. I’m literally dancing in my seat (my apologies to the patrons seated next to me).

If you could encourage a creative person with one tip on being imaginative, what would you tell them? Let go of people-pleasing and give yourself permission to be free.

What is one thing you are excited about sharing with the tribe attending STORY 2011? As an artist, embrace the courage to change your initial question from “What can you do for me?” to “What can I do for you?”, and see how your STORY and life transforms.

: : :

Seriously, friends. If you can be there... GO!

I assure you, you won't be disappointed.

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I'd also love to hear your response to one of the questions we asked Naima...

What is one way you have found to grow or engage your imagination?