I'm not very creative. I have no musical talent... All I've got as far as dancing goes is my white-girl-with-her-elbows-up signature move... And I couldn't paint something worth paying for, no matter how I tried.  (Although some "art" I've seen makes me think I might have half a chance...) Seriously, I do not belong to the creative class. At all.

But I would love to be at the STORY conference in Chicago in September.

Because it looks that a-ma-zing.

The purpose of STORY is to fuel the Church's artists, writers, and producers in communicating the Gospel message. Some of the best creative practitioners in both ministry and the marketplace will be speaking, from filmmakers and authors to actors and musicians.

STORY is a unique experience with main-stage-only sessions (no workshops or breakouts), and attendance is limited to just 500. It's an intimate audience with some of this generation's top creative minds. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and dialogue with the presenters as they learn to engage people in the most compelling and effective way.

I love that!

And if that's not enough, Carlos Whittaker will be there layin' down some of his amazing jam'z.

(I sound straight-up ghetto, don't I? Mm-hmm. I try.)

If you consider yourself a creative, you need to get to STORY. Let the creative-types at your church know about it too.

Because the greatest story ever told is worth telling well.

I'd love to hear about your creative (or lack of creative) talent. And while you're at it, drop some ghetto-talk on me, Boo.