ringing in the new year

After a wonderful Christmas with my family, some dear friends came to visit us for a few days. It's become somewhat tradition to spend New Year's Eve with Dave and Amy whenever we can. Surprisingly, we've managed to spend 3 New Year's Eves together since 2001 (3 out of 6 isn't bad!). We crammed a lot into their short visit, including a spontaneous overnight in Manhattan.

This being my second time in NYC this year, I've grown quite adept at navigating through the foot traffic. Particularly around the holidays, the city is literally full of pedestrians. Being the impatient, speed-walking woman that I am, I quickly learned to weave in, out, and around the slow traffic. I've become an excellent weaver.

Although we left the city during the day on New Year's Eve, we did get to see the ball drop. Who cares that it was only the test run!?

We also visited the Charmin free toilets (their "holiday gift to New York"), got up close and personal with the Naked Cowboy, took in Beauty & the Beast on Broadway, enjoyed a great meal at my favorite Italian restaurant (where we were served by a South African waiter!), and visited the tree at Rockefeller Center.

What a great way to end one year and start the next! Happy 2007!