home again, home again, jiggity jig

After being in the States for almost 5 months, we returned home last night. The night before we left New York, my mom and I pulled an all-nighter, watching back-to-back episodes of one of our favorite shows. We didn't think we'd actually make it all night, but suddenly it was 6:45 AM! We dozed for about an hour before getting up to finish my packing and leave for the airport.

I was exhausted, but this turned out to be just what I needed to be able to sleep through almost our entire 17-hour flight. My concerns that I then wouldn't sleep last night, once I was finally back in my own bed, were unnecessary. One Melatonin later, I was sound asleep again. Although I'm pretty tired right now, my body seems to have gotten right onto SA time.

Coming home is bittersweet. There's much I was missing and am so grateful to be back for. Our own house. Our couch. Our bird. Our friends. Our staff. Our ministry.

But there's much I also miss about my American home. My family. Stores open past 5. Starbucks. Variety and convenience. TiVo. :-)

I'm learning to be content wherever I am.

Since I'll be back in the USA in about six weeks (a rare treat), the transition is a bit easier. I'm looking forward to returning, but I'm also really glad to be home!

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