musings from my therapist's couch

I grew up in a church world that taught me that therapy was a sign of weak faith. Because Jesus should be all you need.

And then my life fell apart 7 years ago.

And I discovered just how false — and dangerous — that belief is.

Now I know this much to be true: Jesus is both more than enough and only the beginning, all at the same time.

Now I know that therapy shows strength, not weakness. Because being willing to lean in and do the hard work of healing and growth demands so much more courage than maintaining status quo.

So whether you (like me) routinely find yourself on a therapist's couch or you (also like me) still carry the shame of a faith or family culture that told you you're less-than if you don't have it all together (or at least pretend to), hear me now:

Pursuing help and healing is an act of bravery, strength, and faith.

And you're not alone.

Not now. Not ever.