joy in the mo(u)rning

Life is hard. 

Good, but hard.  

So why do we pretend that it isn't?

There are more uncertainties than assurances, and more loss and pain than any human heart could ever begin to make sense of...

Life is hard.

I kind of wish I'd been told this earlier on. But maybe if I had, I wouldn't have believed it anyway.

Maybe I actually was told, but didn't pay attention—drowning out the hard truth with naïveté and inexperience. (Ignorance really is bliss.) And even if the message had been heard and heeded, there's nothing that could be done to avoid the inevitable, ya know? 


Life is hard.

And yet—eventually—joy comes in the mourning. 

In it, not after it. In it. 

For all of us in need of light in our darkness... Here's to joy in the mo(u)rning.