it's time for a check-up

Isn't it crazy to think that 2010 is more than half over? Seven months gone; only five months left. Time to take stock. Focus. Realign as needed. I wonder how many of you have been working toward your one-word goal.

Actually, I wonder how many of you even remember your one-word goal.

(Go back to the comments here and here if you need a reminder...)

Mine is risk.

In all honesty and fairness, while I've tried to stay focused on risking more this year, there are entire days weeks that go by when I don't even think about it.

I don't usually wake up wanting to risk that day. This isn't one of those things that gets easier the more you do it. Every single time is hard.

But still... I continue to challenge myself to risk.

When faced with a decision or a situation, I can't help but think... RISK! It has caused me to do things like have hard conversations, spend time with challenging people, do things I wouldn't ordinarily do, hit publish on especially-vulnerable blog posts.

I should be keeping a "risk list" somewhere... because sitting here now, I'm having a hard time thinking of all the specific ways I've risked. Even though I know have. I blame it on my Fuzzy Brain Syndrome. So, starting right now... I'm keeping a "risk list." Somebody ask me in a couple weeks to make sure I'm still doing it, k?

What about you?

Are you still focusing on your... focus? Are you regularly doing what you set out to do with your one-word goal?

Maybe you weren't around The Grit in January and didn't pick a word for your year. It's not too late to start. Choose a single word to focus on for the remaining five months of 2010.

Let's finish this year with intentionality.