four-minute friday: light and fluffy

Go. I wanted to four-minute about something light and fluffy. Mostly because I'm wiped out and don't have energy for anything of substance. Besides, it's Friday! We can all do with some extra light and fluffy in our day.

But all I keep hearing in my head is the little girl on "Despicable Me": "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!"

Have you seen it yet? It's cute. And 3-D. And that whole fluffy-unicorn bit is hilarious. Seriously. Watch the clip. You'll find yourself repeating "It's so fluffy!" in that creepy funny voice of hers.

Cracks me up every single time!

Anyway...  Clearly in need of blogging assistance, I sent out a tweet asking for light and fluffy post ideas. What did I get back?

Marshmallows. Angel food cake. Cotton candy. Whip cream.

Y'all are one hungry bunch. You fit right in around here! Ha.

So now we ended up with four minutes of basically nothing. Just like how cotton candy melts away into nothingness in your mouth. Minus the sugar high.

Oh geez. This is going downhill fast.

Calling it quits. And calling on you to tell me something light and fluffy...

Ready? Go!