i still can't believe you even show up

I love that so many of you joined yesterday's All Skate! (It's not too late to lace up your rollerskates and join in if you haven't yet...)

I've had a blast reading all your comments. It's been fun seeing all the creative ways you've responded, and I've learned tons of new things about you.

I'm astounded by all the lurkers who've come out of hiding.

I'm so glad you did. Seriously.

I appreciate knowing who I'm talking to everyday.

And now that you've officially de-lurked, hopefully you'll start commenting more often. Because, I promise you, the best part of the Grit isn't my posts.

The best part is the comments.

I cherish the community that takes place there. I value the conversations that unfold in that space. I am grateful for the safety and freedom you feel to be authentic and transparent.

In the comments, hearts are shared and connected.

It's where I get to know you, and you are my favorite part of blogging.

Thank you for listening to my heart and for sharing yours. Thank you for walking with me through this valley, and for strengthening me with your prayers and encouragement.

Thank you for simply showing up.

I'm still amazed that you do.