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We just launched our Thrive Africa online store.

We've got custom t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bracelets, and coffee, and the proceeds go directly to funding our ministry in South Africa.

I love all our merch, but by far my favorite is the coffee. Because it's unique. I mean, lots of organizations sell t-shirts. But c'mon! Who has their own custom blend of coffee?! So fun that we do.

It's fair-trade and organic. And it's made with all African-grown beans.

From Africa, for Africa.

I love that!

So take a look around. Maybe you'll see something you like. You can even create a wish list to give someone an oh-so-subtle hint.

Will you help spread the word?

You can tell people about Thrive. Blog or tweet about our new online store. Grab one of these graphics to put up on your site.

Click on the graphics to see size options & to copy the HTML code.

Help us train African leaders and turn the tide of the AIDS pandemic.

Do something.