french cuisine

I'm about to fly home to Africa after being in America for five months. That means for almost half a year I've...

  • stayed in other people's homes.
  • not sat at a desk for a normal days' work.
  • traveled a lot.
  • not cooked a real meal.
  • drank gallons of frothy beverages from Starbucks.
  • had friends on speed-dial and made frequent use of those buttons.
  • did my own laundry.
  • strolled through Target whenever I wanted to.

I'm going to miss aspects of each of those when I'm back home. (Yes, even the laundry!) Okay, I may not really miss staying in other people's homes; I am definitely ready for my own space with my own couch.

I think even more than I'll miss my beloved grande non-fat extra-hot chai lattes, I'll miss not cooking. I'm not good at it. I don't like it. And I hate having to plan out meals. But alas, duty calls. And cook I shall.

French toast anyone?