authenticity by the slice

The me that you see here at The Grit is genuine. It's not all of me, but it's not a fabricated form of me either. While I don't share everything about myself or the things going on in my life, what I share is authentic. I'm not a different person in real life than I am in the blogosphere. In real life, you'll see and discover different aspects of me, but it's all still me. The Grit shows only a slice of who I am. But it's a genuine slice. No artificial ingredients.

I've worked hard in the past 18 months to be more transparent, more open. In some ways I've taken great strides; in others, I haven't. Some things you may still only discover about me by reading through the lines.

No need to read between the lines, though, about my imperfections and shortcomings. I'm more weak than strong. I'm more doubtful than faith-filled. There is much lacking in my leadership abilities; I'm trying everyday to be a better wife; I am not a very good missionary. Praying is hard for me lately, and my heart feels heavier than it has in a long time.

But this much I know is true: I treasure my blogging friendships. You've each helped to shape, challenge, encourage, and inspire me. As I'm starting to wrap my head around the fact that I'll be on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean by Sunday, I know that I'll miss the close connection I've felt with so many of you these past few months.

Thanks for reading. And commenting. And sticking around. For even caring to get to know this little slice of me.