four-minute friday: the mountain

Go. I'd decided I was gonna run the mountain this week. But I didn't do it. I don't really have a good excuse except... I don't really want to. I'm making myself do it. Well, apparently I'm not making myself do it. But I intended to.

Kind of ironic that it takes self-discipline to have self-discipline. Wait. Wha?! Exactly.

So I'm going public with my mountainous intentions. That creates some accountability and motivation for me. Really what it creates is pressure, which will get me to run that hill because I should. Because y'all know about it now. (I gotta admit, this Yankee has found y'all to be pretty handy at times.)

So here goes. This coming week, I'm gonna do it. I'll shave my legs so I can wear shorts, put on my running shoes, grab my iPod with a playlist made just for the occasion, and I will get my procrastinating self to the top of that darn mountain!

Just as a disclaimer: By "run the mountain", what I really mean is "run as much of it as I can with my out-of-shapeness and angry-lung-inducing asthma, but really I'd just be happy to make it to the top at all". So it'll probably be more walk than run, but even that's a stretch for this indoor girl.

Did I mention I'm living in Hotlanta?! Yeah. I'll let you know how it goes.

What mountain are you tackling next week?