authenticity by the slice

The me you see here at The Grit is genuine. It's not all of me, but it's not a fabricated form of me either. While I don't share everything about myself or the things going on in my life, what I do share is authentic. I'm not a different person "in real life" than I am in the blogosphere. In person you'll see and discover more aspects of me, but it's all still me.

The Grit shows only a slice of who I am. But it's a genuine slice. No artificial ingredients, I promise.

I give you me.

And I am honored humbled overwhelmed grateful to have been given you in return. I treasure my blogging friendships. You've helped to shape, challenge, encourage, and inspire me. In ways I never could have imagined.

Thanks for reading. And commenting. And sticking around.

For even caring to get to know this little slice of me.

[from a post on this day last year]