be present

I'm an extroverted introvert. But I'm still an introvert.

And this introvert? Is tired.

I just spent a couple days with 13,000 leaders at Catalyst in Atlanta. That's a whole lotta people time for someone like me.

But this was my 5th Catalyst experience. I love every minute of them. And this one was no exception.

Even though it leaves this introvert completely exhausted.

In fact, I took naps this time. Yes, I am that old. Or that... something. But both days at Catalyst, I found a way to slip away and take a nap.

On Friday, my friend Tracee and I cut out of a freezing cold session to warm up in the sun. In a hammock. And we fell asleep.

We found out later from a friend that eventually the session let out and thousands of people milled around us. And we didn't wake up... Even worse, hundreds of people lined up for a book signing right near our hammock. Literally, people lined both sides of us, waiting to get their books signed. And we slept through the entire thing.

We were cashed out!

So, um, if you were there... and took a picture of the crazy-hammock-sleeping girls... please let me know. And send me whatever awful pictures you took!

But seriously... naps and all, Catalyst was great.

As always, the hallway conversations were one of my favorite parts. I love the opportunities to connect with so many amazing people. The one-on-one and small group intteractions that just kind of erupt in hallways, on the lawn, over late-night drinks, at the Bloggers Meetup.... yeah... I love that.

The theme this year was Be Present. Such a good reminder for me in so many ways.

Remember my One Word?


Well, I haven't been looking as much as I should be...

All the challenges to be fully present were basically challenges to look.

To look around -- at what He's doing all around me all the time. To look up -- pressing in to Him as my only source of strength. To look in -- and not miss what He wants to do in me right this very moment. To look at those He's placed beside me -- to not miss the aspects of His heart that He shows me through His people.

Be present.


And... as needed...


What does it mean to you to "be present"?