you are not crazy

"You are not crazy." Seems an odd statement to made when asked to speak to our team of staff and interns. But Isaac made it. He said it several times in fact.

He reminded us that we've chosen to fight a battle we don't need to fight. We are fighting on behalf of a people not our own, a country not ours, and a cause we could easily ignore. And while others may think we're crazy for doing that -- may even tell us we're crazy for doing that -- we're not. The size of the task and the significance of the challenges we face don't make us crazy for choosing this fight. They just mean we're courageously obedient.

But I don't feel courageous.

"You could do anything you want with your life" equals "You are crazy for doing what you're doing."

The constant financial struggle, the ocean-sized distance from loved ones, the mountains that loom before us, all shout, "You are absolutely nuts to be doing this."

But above the din, above the constant noise, is the faintest whisper: You are not crazy. You are obedient.

I am not crazy.

You aren't crazy either.

The work you've chosen to do, the time you've dedicated to your children, the money you've given away, the stuff you've purposefully gone without, the things you've done for God and others... You are not crazy.

You are obedient.