where you are

A few weeks ago we spent a few days with a great friend. She is a talented musician and an anointed worship leader. Over dinner one night, we talked about songwriting and she shared with us some great advice she was given years ago by Amy Grant. (I know---how amazing is that?!)

"Write from where you are."

Simply, yet so profound. I immediately started thinking about how that principle applies to writing---to all forms of communication and expression, really.

When I write from some false position of arrivedness or from the high of my former "glory days", the value of my words are diminished. But when I write with transparency and authenticity, from where I really am, my words bear genuine influence. When I can honestly see and share what's happening in my life, instead of denying it (both to myself and others), then I'm more able to grasp what God is actually trying to show and teach me.

What do you consider the most challenging part of "writing from where you are"? Where would you say you are right now?