what is good

I am still on my blogging break. (Hope you're not getting sick of these "talk amongst yourselves" posts...)

But I wanted to let you know that I'm sharing the most painful part of my story over on my friend Jenni's blog today. She's in the middle of a series on God's redemption even in adultery. You need to read every single one of those posts! The raw honesty of the hearts being shared there is so incredibly beautiful.

And today is my day to share.

As the only contributor without an obvious "happy ending", I'm hoping God uses it to uniquely speak into the hearts of others who find themselves in a similar situation. And that the right people stumble upon the post if it's something their hearts need to hear. Pray with me for that?

Trusting today that God can redeem even this.


Now... Back to our regularly-scheduled program...

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Which of those three statements resonates most deeply with you?