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Random thoughts from my week...

  • My hombre celebrated his birthday this week. And by "celebrated" I mean drove Thrive Trip to safari five hours away, ate yet another meal at Carnivore, and had a migraine all day. Sorry your day wasn't too exciting, Niel. Happy Birthday anyway!
  • Thrive Trip finished up and headed home. We got to spend some time with them on safari their last two days. It really was amazing to see how much God worked in their lives during the trip. All of them went home changed!
  • I've gone to bed after 2:00 AM most nights this week. I wish I could work the night shift; I totally function better at night.
  • We celebrated Christmas last night. The interns decided to celebrate "Christmas in July" and invited us to join them. They decorated their living room beautifully and exchanged Secret Santa gifts. It truly felt festive, and the cold weather made it feel pretty Christmas-y. (More so than it does in the scorching heat of December!)
  • We have been having gale-force winds the past few days (over 50 mph!). Friday night the wind was so strong that it blew the roof off of one of the cabins. A cabin we had mission team members in! Yikes!