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What a week! Here goes...

  • I had only two days in the office last week, which was definitely not enough time to do all that I needed to do!
  • We spent the weekend in a staff development time -- learning more about ourselves and each other through personality and spiritual gift assessments. VERY informational! I discovered (again!) that I'm more of a leader than I give myself credit for. More on that later...
  • Our friend Dave spent the weekend with us, and although we hardly saw him (because we were in non-stop sessions), we still managed to have a great visit. He said quite a few times how amazing it was to see how "big" we are now. Dave and Amy were on staff with us back in 2000/2001, when it was pretty much just the four of us. We've come a long way since then, and one area it's most obvious is our much larger team of staff and interns.
  • Niel made a great statement in his sermon on Sunday, touching on the matter of singleness: "Rather be in the will of God without someone than out of the will of God with someone."
  • I was reminded again of this principle: What you believe determines and impacts your decisions, and your decisions determine and impact the outcomes of your life. If we're unhappy with our outcomes, often we try to just change our decisions. If that's all we change, we still get the same outcome. We must change our beliefs. We need to ask ourselves: What are the deeply held beliefs that led me to make the decisions that brought me to this place?

Happy Monday!