we have a voice

Yesterday, I asked a question on Twitter to get the input of my online community. And wow, did I ever get input!

My question?

Who would you say is an influential, inspirational, creative FEMALE voice? Why?

And the flood of responses was overwhelming.

I was surprised by all the guys who tweeted back! Thank you, men, for stepping up and shining light on the women you admire and respect.

And women, thank you for highlighting the many strong women who add so much to your own lives.

I ended up spending hours going through all the names. Many familiar to me... some dear friends... a plethora I'd never heard of before. Until now.

The women on this list span the globe.

They are authors, speakers, artists, musicians, photographers, CEOs, moms...

And all of them? Strong voices of creativity, inspiration, and influence.

Quite a few people asked to see all the names that came in, so I compiled them into a list, along with the "why"s people shared. I've included website and Twitter links, so you can easily start following these incredible women.

Each of us, no matter where we are or what we do, has a voice.

We have influence. We have listeners. We have followers.

(And I'm not just talking the Twitter-kind of followers... Think about your 3-year-old following you around the house, trying to do what you do. Think about your friends who ask for your advice. Think about your spouse, committed to doing life with you. Believe it or not, you have followers.)

People are listening. They are watching. They are being impacted by us, even when we are unaware.

Think about your voice today.

And what you want people to hear...

: : :

Take some time to meet and connect with these amazing women around the world. And let us know who you would add to the list, and why.

Allison Buzard | allisonbuzard.com | @AllisonBuzard Her perspective on how faith influences social work systems is unique in a culture clamoring for 'social justice'

Ally Spotts | allyspotts.com | @allyspotts Courageous faith-walker and bold truth-teller

Amena Brown Owen | amenabrown.com | @amenabee Poet like you've never seen, heard, or experienced; she breathes life through her spoken words

Amy Becker | amyjuliabecker.com | @amyjuliabecker Honest, smart, beautiful writer

Angie Magnino | smangiemag.blogspot.com | @graceinseason Powerhouse of creativity and leadership

Anne Jackson | annejacksonwrites.com | @AnneJackson Truth written in beauty

Ashley Campbell | ashleyannphotography.com/blog Beautiful writer and photographer; Inspirationally teaches her kids to care for the world

Ashley Smith | @ashleyasmith A passionate voice for grace

Beth Moore | blog.lproof.org | @BethMooreLPM Gifted communicator of God's Word

Bianca Olthoff | blog.inthenameoflove.org | @BiancaOlthoff Says it like it is; Biblically sound and unafraid to speak the truth

Bobbie Houston | coloursisterhood.com | @bobbiehouston Strong leader, pioneer, unique thinker

Candace Cameron Bure |  candacecameronbure.net |  @candacecbure An incredible, Godly role model in Hollywood

Caryn Rivadeneira | carynrivadeneira.com | @carynrivadeneir Candid and authentic about the intersection of life and faith

Chimamanda Adichie | Her TED talk Beautifully weaves African history, stories, and heritage into poignant relevant truths

Christine Caine | equipandempower.com | @ChristineCaine Powerful, passionate teacher of truth; Rescuing women who've been victims of sex trafficking

Danah Boyd | zephoria.org/thoughts | @zephoria She's a genius

Darlene Zschech | darlenezschech.com | @darlenezschech Surrendered heart of worship

Emily Thomas | cancercardxchange.org | @eticklethomas Followed her passion and drive to start a nonprofit with potential to change lives, and the best mom I've ever known

Idelette McVicker | idelette.com | @idelette Passionate about raising our collective voices to bring down the walls of injustice

Jamie Wright | theveryworstmissionary.com | @JamieTheVWM Raw honesty with a little bit of crazy goodness

Jen Lemen | hopefulworld.org | @jenlemen Smart and inspiring

Jennifer White | jenniferowhite.com | @jenniferowhite Full of grace and wisdom

Jenny Jones | jennybjones.com | @JenBJones Shows how a woman can be funny without being crass, brilliant without dumbing herself down for men, and vulnerable without being mushy

Jill Sweetman | jillsweetman.com | @jillsweetman Amazing pastor with a heart for marriage, parenting, and relational issues

Jonalyn Fincher | soulation.org/jonalynblog Intelligent, articulate, and redefines Biblical womanhood

Juli Slattery | facebook.com/JuliSlattery | @DrJuliSlattery Wise, grounded reflections

Karen Hammons | karenhammons.mobi | @karenhammons Encouraging advocate for grace

Karen Walrond | karenwalrond.com | @Chookooloonks Refreshing perspective

Kim Miller | redesigningworship.com | @kimmmiller Giftedly creative woman

Laura Story | laurastorymusic.com | @LauraStoryMusic Honest, thoughtful, and worshipful

Mandy Steward | messycanvas.com | @messycanvas Original and amazingly creative

Margaret Feinberg | margaretfeinberg.com | @mafeinberg One of the most passionate speakers I've ever heard; amazingly creative teacher

Mary DeMuth | marydemuth.com | @MaryDeMuth Transparent thinker who inspires others; Generous with her ideas, resources, and encouragement

Mary Ellen Mark | maryellenmark.com Tells a compelling story in her photography

Nancy Duarte | duarte.com | @nancyduarte Revolutionizing communication

Nicola Hulks | nicolahulks.blogspot.com | @nicolahwriter Never afraid to be herself, takes huge steps of faith, gifted writer who uses her influence for good

Nicole Cottrell | modernreject.com | @modernreject Hip, funny, cool, and can jab people with Scripture and truth; Powerful writer, pulls no punches, challenging/inspiring faith; Someone I'd want to lead my church

Priscilla Shirer | goingbeyond.com | @PriscillaShirer Powerfully influential speaker

Rachel Snyder | thelazychristian.com | @LazyChristian Outspoken, candid, truth-speaker

Renee Ronika Klug | quietanthem.blogspot.com | @reneeronika Passionate to see women restored to freedom

Sarah Brown | gordonandsarahbrown.com | @SarahBrownUK So wise and strong, yet so down to earth

Sarah Cunningham | sarahcunningham.org | @sarahcunning In her element with creativity and influence; Has vision for tomorrow and brings others into it; Speaks directly to this generation with authenticity

Shauna Niequist | shaunaniequist.com | @sniequist Honest about life and faith

Stephanie Smith | stephaniessmith.com | @stephindialogue Encourages me through her writing about beauty and creativity

Sunny Cain | sunnycain.blogspot.com | @sunnycain Challenges me to live up to God's best; Honest, gentle, wise beyond her years

Tamara Lunardo | tamaraoutloud.com | @tamaraoutloud Epitomizes creativity, balance, grace, and beauty -- in words, in life, in faith, in action

Teresa Robinson | rightbrainplanner.com | @stargardener Things that felt impossible for me feel possible in her presence

Tina Francis | shelovesmagazine.com | @teenbug Embraces risk, hopes against hope

Tracee Persiko | traceepersiko.com | @traceepersiko Knows her stuff and her passion is contagious; Loves deeply, makes people feel seen and valued, communicates God's truth from the overflow of her heart

Vicky Beeching | vickybeeching.com | @vickybeeching Creative, inspiring, pioneer

: : :

Who else would you add to the list? Why? (Please include links so it's easy for everyone to find & follow them.)