we all have something to share

The week I moved in with the Hodges back in February, Tam put up a blog post to let people know. It was short and sweet, but beautiful (and still brings me tears to this day). In it, she asked everyone to share something that would help strengthen my heart. "I would love if you’d be willing to share the biggest piece of wisdom in life that you have."

The responses that flooded in were absolutely incredible. They were filled with encouragement... truth... wisdom... love. I am as amazed now as I was then at the incredible friends God has blessed my life with. I may lack in many areas, but this much I know is true: I am rich in friendship.

Anyway... I was reading back through all those amazing comments again tonight, and I got a lump in my throat when I came to Gitz's.

"don't let fear have the power. be faithful to the struggle and live to fulfill, not understand."

There is still so much for me in her words. Maybe even more today than back in February.

And while I wrestle to understand the full meaning of those statements and how to live them out in my own life, I have to smile with tear-filled eyes because Sara showed me how.

She is my greatest example of not letting fear have the power, being faithful to the struggle, and living to fulfill rather than understand.

Just... wow.

With how impactful (why isn't that a real word?) all the comments on that post were to me, I'm going to cheat and just ask you Tam's question again. Because you guys have some seriously good stuff to share, and I can use every ounce of it I can get my hands on!

So -- without first looking back to see what you shared on Tam's post back in February ----

"I would love if you’d be willing to share the biggest piece of wisdom in life that you have. Maybe it’s an old saying handed down from your Grandparents. Or, a favorite verse. Or something you’ve learned in your own life-journey. Perhaps share words of encouragement… Whatever it is, share it here."

I know we will all be better for it.