two weeks of singleness

Niel will be home tomorrow night. I'm getting excited about it and am so glad that we have a long weekend off work right after he gets back.

As much as I'm looking forward to having Niel back, I've enjoyed the past 2 weeks that I've been home alone. I often hesitate to say things like that as I can already hear people gasping. No, it doesn't mean I don't miss Niel. No, it doesn't mean I'm a cold, calloused person. No, it doesn't mean I'm glad he's far away. It simply means my life doesn't fall to pieces when he is.

In spite of the fact that I miss my husband, there is a joy in my time alone. I do things I normally can't do. Like work until 8:00 (or 10:00!) at night. And watch 7 Judging Amy episodes in a row. And not have to think about feeding someone other than myself (which doesn't take much thought besides, "Should I bother to make a sandwich, or should I just eat cereal?")

As always when I'm by myself, I create lists (some mental, some typed, some scribbled by hand) of the plethora of things I intend to get done by the time Niel returns. And, as always, my lists far outweigh my time available. Once again, I won't have finished everything I wanted to by tomorrow night. But I've gotten quite a bit done, and at this point I'm just eager to have my hombre home!

My two weeks of singleness is coming to an end, and I'm ready to be a married woman again!