two weeks

SweetPea... You are two weeks old today. And you are more beautiful now than ever.

I'm gonna tell you a story, because it's one I want both of us to remember.

The night before you were born, your mom, dad, and I were couching it at their Iowa home. Big brother Silas was asleep in his bedroom. Mom was eating some popsicles (as was her routine); Dad was watching baseball. And then you got the hiccups.

Mom pulled up her shirt so we could watch her belly dance with each of your seemingly-huge hiccups. I placed my hand on her tummy and felt you; I told you that my hiccups always hurt and I wondered if yours do too. "Just think," I said to your mom, "Tomorrow we'll be able to hear her hiccups."

Less than 24 hours later, I was sitting with your mom in recovery at the hospital. She was joyful and content, despite having the crazy shakes and feeling exhausted. You were just born, and I couldn't wait to meet you. You were still with Dad in the nursery getting all cleaned up and checked out. Of course the doctors discovered what we already knew: You're perfect.

Dad finally brought you into the room. (The wait seemed like an eternity...) Your mom cuddled you and told you how much she loves you. We prayed over you and thanked God for the gift of your life. Then it was my turn to hold you. You seemed so tiny; your eyes were wide with wonder. And then it happened...

You hiccuped.

Mom and I looked at each other and started to giggle. As you hiccuped in my arms, I smiled inside and out.

In just a few days I have to say goodbye to you. I won't see you for three whole months. Will you even remember me? I'm trusting that somehow these first few weeks together have formed a special closeness between us. That years from now we will be inseparably close.

I'm already looking forward to the day you arrive in South Africa. In the meantime, you can rest assured that not a day will pass that I don't think of you. I will miss you so...

Happy Two-Week Birthday, Peaberry!

I love you! Aunt Lizzy